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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Use Android Phones: Tips and Tricks

Press Home Button 
Pressing home button for long time will display recently opened programs and Task Manager

Tab on home screen for 2 seconds and "Add to home screen " will be displayed from where  one can add
  •  Widgets(Analog clock, dual clock, home screen tips latitude, news and weather, picture frame , play stores, power control, program monitor , time traffic , yahoo finance and you-tube etc )
  • Shortcuts (various software's will be displayed)
  • Folders (New folders, all contacts, contacts with phone numbers, home screen folder, receive list from bluetooth, recent documents, starred contacts)
  • Wallpapers (Gallery, live wallpapers , wallpaper gallery)
 Settings > Wireless and networks > Tethering and portable hotspot > Mobile AP

To play videos on DLNA enabled TV and other devices
  • Long press press   or folder to multiselect (one can mark multiple photos and video by single press)
  • After selecting in "More"(details, set as, crop,  rotate left, rotate right)  
  • In "Share " Different sharing options will be displayed like  Bluetooth, Gmail etc.are displayed
  • Pinch IN and OUT to zoom photo in and out
Notification bar icons
  • On Home Screen slide  from extreme top to bottom  of screen for Wi-Fi, B/T, GPS and Auto rotate
Adding shortcut to Home screen 
  • Menu > long press on desired icon and shortcut is created 

Remove shortcut from screen 
  • Long press on icon mobile vibrates once, drag icon at extreme bottom where remove is displayed
  • click on Microphone and just speak what you want to search
  • Contacts > left slide on name for SMS
  • Contacts > right slide on name for direct calling
  • Long press on contact and click "Join contact"  to merge to different contacts
  • Tab once in message box > Input method >Swype (just trace path of words to write any word)
  • Long press on keyboard buttons for writting numbers and symbols
  • Click Shift key for capital word
  • SYM for different options 

Computer portable apps

Portable apps are computer program that are fully functional one can carry around  on a portable device such as USB flash drive, portable hard drive, iPod CDs and DVDs, which enables it to be used on multiple computers or other portable device plugged in.The specialty of these applications is that these are single executable files and does not need any installation on PC. One just needs to copy a single file to desired portable device or on Hard Disk . These programs do not save any program settings and option in Windows Registry. Also these are lighter and  less in size does not need any key for activation etc.
Following are the website which provide free portable apps