Thursday, 19 January 2012

how to copy large files to external hard drive


 "The file '------'is too large  for the destination file system copy "

Solution :

1. Cut files into  parts (size less than 2 gb) using HJsplitter software (freeware)


2. convert FAT volume to NTFS

If you need to copy files larger than 4GB, you need to make sure that the file system on the hard disk you are copying  is NTFS and not FAT32.
Most of the time  portable USB hard disk drives come  as FAT32 Windows Command Prompt command to convert a FAT volume to NTFS.

Open a Command Prompt
Start ===== type CMD ===and Enter into the search dialog to open a CMD window.
To see the full syntax of the command enter following command

at the command prompt and hit Enter.
This should give you the help
The command to convert any drive from FAT to NTFS would then be:



f: is the drive letter of the disk/volume you wish to convert.
This procedure does not erase the disk..still dont take risk  if the data is tooooo important

Wait for some time until it shows 'Conversion completed'

It may take lot of time to get convert depending on size of the partition or HDD